Managing strategic, mission-critical projects: Our clients utilize our services when they can't afford program or project failure.
Recovering troubled projects: Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.
Interim leadership: We can take charge of PMOs, run them for you for short or long term durations, and transition them back to you when you're ready.
Filling skill set gaps: If your people are proficient in some areas but need assistance in others (e.g., risk management), we can provide the expertise you need.
Documentation and templates: MBE provides comprehensive set of services for your documentation needs such as; Project Management Plan, Quality Management Plan, Issues and Risk Management Plan etc. coupled with different templates to be used thought all the phases of the project


PMO Services

Starting up a PMO involves the establishment and institutionalization of time-tested Project Management disciplines. To best assure successfully deploying or maturing a PMO, we utilize a comprehensive, three-pronged approach to address process, technology, and people. While process and technology improvements will provide some benefit, aligning people to their required project management practices will exponentially increase the benefit and success of your PMO.
We will diagnose potential challenges and provide prioritized and customized solutions, before they become major issues.

Why PMO?
As per PWC survey of 1,524 organizations, there are three main reasons of a project failure
1. Inadequate project estimating and planning (30%)
2. Lack of executive sponsorship (16%)
3. Poorly defined goals and objectives (12%).
The survey also indicates that operating an established PMO is one of the top three reasons that drives successful project delivery.

A Project Management Office (PMO), is a group or department within a business that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. It is the backbone of a successful project management approach at an organization and it is a function that provides decision support information. Traditional PMOs base project management principles on industry-standard methodologies such as PRINCE2 or guidelines such as in PMBOK.
The degree of control and influence that PMOs have on projects depend on the type of PMO structure within the enterprise, such as:
1) Supportive, a consultative role
2) Controlling, by requiring compliance for example
3) Directive, by taking control and managing the projects

Our PMO Services

Deploying a New PMO
We assess the current environment and develop a deployment roadmap incorporating organization’s culture and operating practices. The deployment includes the identification, prioritization and establishing a set of fundamental PMO functions and services. It also includes establishing governance standards, developing the PMO Charter and communications plan, identifying resource needs and performance measures.
Enhancing an Existing PMO
Efficient PMOs provide additional value to their organizations, we can help your organization to take their PMO to the next level.
WE review and evaluate your existing PMO structure, and provide recommendations to enhance it. We develop a transformational roadmap, identifying areas of opportunity, and create an implementation plan for deployment.